Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hoopla Now Has a New Look. Check It Out!

Now with Hoopla you can experience, explore and enjoy free content from LVCCLD in a new way that is faster, brighter, mobile, easy-to-use and always available. See what’s new:

Take a look at the new home screen where your most recent titles appear.
Borrow, stream or download popular titles 24/7 with fewer touches
Stream or download the latest movies, from your smartphone, tablet, PC or Apple TV
Receive a more tailored experience with content recommendations based on your recent activity
Discover new content and narrow searches by genre with Browse/Search icon
Try the new resume functionality from the home screen, so continuing playback is now one click away.

Remember there are no late fees with hoopla digital. Content is returned automatically at the end of the borrowing period.

Keep these tips in mind when accessing your hoopla account:

  • Patrons you will need to log in using their password (which they may or may not remember). hoopla will be glad to help in response to patron password inquiries.
  • Patrons (iOS users only) with active downloaded content will notice that updating to LightSpeed will delete their previous download (s). These are, however, still accessible, and only need to be re-downloaded – not re-borrowed - to enjoy offline.

New to Hoopla? Get started in seconds by downloading the free hoopla digital mobile app or visiting Hot Topics – Hoopla.

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