Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Road Trip this summer with your kids or just staying home? Here are some top activities to keep them busy!

Going by car, plane or just staying home this summer? Here are some top arts & crafts and outdoor recreation titles perfect for summer activities for kids.
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The American Girl's Handy BookMaking the Most of Outdoor Fun
by Lina Beard
Each summer, millions of children complain, "There's nothing to do." Originally published in 1889, The American Girl's Handy Book resoundingly challenges this age-old dilemma by providing a huge number...

Turn an in-flight magazine into an engaging game, transform your mid-flight snack into an instant work of art: with 52 ways to keep kids busy, happy, and occupied in the air or at the boarding terminal, this revised and updated deck is the traveling child's essential carry-on item.

Kiss the roadtrip blues good-bye with the revised version of this best-selling activity deck featuring updated text throughout as well as a variety of new activities. From engaging games to creative art activities to mind-bending puzzles, this deck will make getting there all the fun.  

Chinese Brush Painting
A Hands-on Introduction to the Traditional Art
by Caroline Self
Chinese ink painting is an offshoot of calligraphy and is a beautiful and reflective art that's been revered in China for centuries. A wonderfully creative tool, this book is an excellent way for newcomers to experience this ancient art form.

Handy Dad
25 Awesome Projects for Dads and Kids
by Todd Davis
Skate ramps, zip lines, go-carts, and more! In this super-fun book, Todd Davis, extreme sports athlete and host of HGTV's Over Your Head, presents 25 awesome projects for dads to build with their kids. Busy dads can choose projects that range from simple to challenging and take anywhere from five minutes to a full weekend. Readers are given all the directions they need to grab materials that can be found around the house or at the local hardware store and get to work banging up a sweet BMX ramp or half-pipe, building a tree house or tire swing, or throwing together a slip-and-slide or tie-dye station for an afternoon of fun. With plenty of photographs, easy-to-follow instructions, and detailed illustrations, chock-full of creative and inexpensive ways to keep kids (and dads) entertained for hours.

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