Saturday, April 19, 2014

OverDrive Updates

OverDrive has made a few improvements to the OMC app so be sure to update Android and iOS platforms (Windows 8 is forthcoming as well) to 3.1 as soon as possible.
New features include:
  • Ability to sync Adobe ID using your OverDrive Account.
  • Built-in iOS dictionaries (only iOS)
  • Custom video player for streaming videos (coming soon to our eMedia Catalog)
  • Bug fixes
In addition, if you use the site for finding books you have a new look.
Sign up for an OverDrive account, which provides many great features. Users are able to search the entire OverDrive catalog on and filter the results by their saved libraries, as well as save their favorite searches to use time and again. The OverDrive account is optional, and enables users to save an Adobe ID to sync across all devices running the OverDrive app (v3.1) on Android and iOS platforms (Windows 8 is forthcoming as well). This means you only have to enter your Adobe ID once, and then can sync it to all of your devices using the OverDrive app.

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