Friday, March 21, 2014

New Look for OverDrive Help!

OverDrive launched a brand new help site on March 19! it's a massive facelift and they added a plethora of features based on some truly valuable feedback from you. Here's a few new features:

It’s easier to navigate
Across the top, you’ll see links to the four main landing pages for help:
  • Home/Quick links: This is the landing page, where you’ll find quick links to popular categories and a big ol’ search bar.
  • Videos: This is where OverDrive Help videos will live. They’ll show up in search results and you can get straight to any series you like right from the navigation menu.
  • Devices: This is replacing the Device Resource Center (fondly known as the DRC). Here you’ll find a series of device profiles, based on platform, to will help you understand how OverDrive works with the phone in your pocket or the tablet on your end table.
  • Articles: This page is simply a list of articles sorted by topic, in case you’d like to get more of just how much content there is on our help site.
It’s easier to peruse on a mobile device

They’ve made the new help website fully responsive. That way, no matter what size screen you’re using, you’ll find the help you need with a minimal amount of fuss.

It’s easier to get started

From the home page, you can click on any of the quick links to see a list of articles pertaining to a particular category.

On each of these quick link category pages, they’ve split the content up by device or platform, and each has its own drop-down menu.

Under each drop-down, you’ll see a list of pertinent articles. Because these lists are dynamically generated, you can expect them to remain up-to-date.

It’s easier to see how things work

The new help videos landing page lets you pick which videos you want to watch, from any series, without having to scroll down a page or open a new tab. You can pick the series from the “Devices and platforms” menu and the video from the playlist. Each video and series will show up in the same space for fast load times and easy navigation.

It’s easier to understand compatibility

The new device profiles quickly and clearly spell out which services work on a given type of device. This eliminates the need to wade through long lists of devices you may have never heard of, or that may have different names in different regions.

It’s just easier

There are really too many features here for me fully detail in a single, succinct blog post, but I’ll give you a few more brief examples before wrapping up.

  • There’s a new troubleshooting section that’s organized by platform. They’ve also been steadily adding new content and updating the existing troubleshooting materials with a focus on adding specific error codes. In other words, searching for an error should yield better results on the new site.
  • With the new article rating system, you can give OverDrive feedback on individual articles. We’ll use your ratings to improve our content.

Now, no matter how you get to OverDrive Help, you’ll be able to find support for the eMedia Catalog using the support link or contacting us at 702.507.6300 or via email at

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