Monday, February 17, 2014

Celebrate President's Day, download an eBook or eAudio Book today!

Ike's Bluff President Eisenhower's Secret Battle to Save the World (eBook) by Evan Thomas

Evan Thomas's startling account of how the underrated Dwight Eisenhower saved the world from nuclear holocaust. Upon assuming the presidency in 1953, Dwight Eisenhower set about to make good on his...More...
Also available in eAudio Book.

The History Buff's Guide to the Presidents (eBook)
Top Ten Rankings of the Best, Worst, Largest, and Most Controversial Facets of the American Presidency  by Thomas R. Flagel

Did you know that Warren G. Harding played poker in the White House at least once a week? Or that Richard Nixon was a Quaker? The History Buff's Guide to the Presidents takes a peek behind the scenes,...  More...
In the President's Secret Service (eBook)
Behind the Scenes with Agents in the Line of Fire and the Presidents They Protect by Ronald Kessler 
Never before has a journalist penetrated the wall of secrecy that surrounds the U.S. Secret Service, that elite corps of agents who pledge to take a bullet to protect the president and his family.... More...
Also available in eAudio Book
For additional titles about our U.S. Presidents visit the eMedia Catalog.

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