Sunday, December 29, 2013

Help shape the Library's digital collection. Tell us what you want to read!

Did you get an tablet or eReader for Christmas? Have you checked out and download eBooks from the eMedia Catalog? Did you find books you wanted to read? If not then you need to use the “Recommend” feature in the eMedia Catalog.That's right, you can recommend eBooks and eAudio Books for the library to purchase. How? Do a search in the eMedia Catalog for your favorite author, title or subject.  Once you have results, select Additional Titles to Recommend from the Show Me box. If the title(s) are available for the library to purchase they will be shown in the results.

Titles with the library plus icon are the titles the library does not own. Click the icon and enter your email address so we can let you know if the library purchases the title and if you want the book placed on hold for you.

We invite you to help shape your library's digital collection. Let us know what you want to read. We purchase titles every week and always include titles from our users requests.

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