Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Best eReaders for 2013

With holiday shopping getting under way, you might be shopping for an eReader for that someone special.  Tablets can be used for reading eBooks,magazines and listening to music from the library but they can also be bulky for readers who read a lot. We found this great resource for eReaders for those who need a light weight device.  The iPad mini, the Kindle Fire HD and the Nook HD also have the added bonus of allowing the reader to read free magazines from our Zinio Magazine download collection as well as download free music from the library's Freegal Music site.

If your want a larger tablet for larger print consider the new iPad Air, weighing in at only 1 lb and it is much thinner than the regular iPads. It is a little more money starting at $499 than the eReaders listed above but for those who really want a full size tablet for reading eBooks and eMagazines, this is a great choice.
If you buy one be sure to include our eBook Downloading 101 booklet, Getting Started with Zinio as well as a Library Card in with the device!

Get the details on each device - 2013 Best eBook Reader Reviews and Comparisons 

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