Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Hottest eAudio Books from 2013 so far…

Did you know that 14.8 million audiobooks have been borrowed so far in 2013, from OverDrive users around the world? That’s over 60,000 per day which averages out to one audiobook being checked out roughly every two seconds! In Las Vegas, users have checked out 89,675 audiobooks so far this year. Audiobooks are wonderful for readers who love to multitask. If you have a long commute through traffic you can pass the time by listening to your favorite titles. Stuck in spreadsheets or doing mindless work during an afternoon? Audiobooks can help with that too! Many people prefer audiobooks to music while they work out, cook meals or just as background noise throughout their day. Talented audiobook narrators can make a story come to life and provide a new way to enjoy a title.

Digital audiobooks have created a mobility that wasn’t previously possible when using audiobooks on CD. Gone are the days of carrying CD players or juggling 15 discs for a long story. If you have a mobile device, you can listen to audiobooks easily and on the go! With the recent edition of the variable speed playback to the iOS version of OverDrive Media Console, patrons are getting through titles even quicker now!

If you have not tried an audiobook, why not check one out today from the Library's eMedia Catalog. There is something for everyone including eAudio Books for children and teens.

Provided by Adam Sockel, Marketing Communications Specialist with OverDrive.

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