Monday, July 22, 2013

We've made changes to the eMedia Catalog and mobile apps!

The pinch-to-zoom functionality has been restored on mobile devices where available. 

The ‘Borrow’ / ‘Place a Hold’ button has been moved “above the fold” on mobile devices.

The number of copies of a title in the library’s digital collection is displayed on the Holds page. 

COMING ON JULY 26, 2013: New enhancements for OverDrive Read

Notes & Highlights: Readers will be able to highlight passages and attach notes to them. Choose from three different highlight colors and review all your notes, highlights, and bookmarks in the “Bookmarks & Highlights” menu panel. All of your notes, highlights, and bookmarks are also synched when you open a book for the first time on a different device.

Dictionary: Readers will be able to select a word or phrase and look it up with our online dictionary service.
Download for Offline: Readers will have control over when to take their books offline. We’re giving you more control and more information about the “Offline Availability” of the books you’ve borrowed. A complete menu panel now provides the ability to download a book for offline reading or put it back in the “Cloud” for online reading. It also lets you know if any part of the book won’t be available offline and reminds you to bookmark it for opening while offline.

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