Friday, July 12, 2013

Club Read #40 - Down Under: Winter in Australia

While we are enjoying summer with barbecues, pool parties and baseball games, we can’t forget the Southern Hemisphere is in their winter season. I did a bit of research (by the way, Australia’s official tourism website,, is fantastic) and here are 5 Things I Learned About Winter in Australia:

  • Hiking and exploring are favorite winter-time activities since temperatures are normally mild. In Queensland and the Northern Territory the weather remains warm and dry, making these locations ideal for a vacation during school holiday.
  • If skiing or snowboarding is a winter necessity, Victoria and New South Wales offer plenty of locations for downhill adventures.  Avid skiers also head to New Zealand for some fun on the slopes.
  • Over 12,000 species of wildflowers bloom in Western Australia from June through September.
  • Between May and November humpback whales travel north along the west and east coasts of Australia—a prime time for whale-watching!
  • Since Christmas occurs in the Australian summer, holiday festivities are plentiful during the winter.  Yulefest in the Blue Mountains and the Fireside Festival in Canberra are perfect opportunities to get a taste of the holidays.
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Remember, it doesn't matter what you read this summer for Club Read, just read!

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