Friday, June 28, 2013

Club Read # 28 Now Hear This! Staff Picks

Another week, another round of Team OverDrive and LVCCLD staff picked audiobooks to celebrate Audiobook Month! 

Justin Noszek, Specialist (Support Services)
God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything” – Christopher Hitchens

While he could be heavy handed with his message, I appreciate the way Hitchens framed and defended his position on secularism.

Leslie Prusinski, Account Specialist (Library Partner Services)
Artemis Fowl (Book 1)” – Eoin Colfer

This is a fun read for kids (and adults!), and great for listening in the car. Nathaniel Parker’s narration is spot-on, and he adds a lot of flavor to the unusual characters who live in Artemis Fowl’s world. This is a short, exciting read that would be perfect for keeping young readers entertained on this summer’s vacation road trip!

Kevin Coon, Account Executive (Education & Library Sales)
The Golden Compass” – Philip Pullman

Not only is this series great for summer trips and fantasy fans, but you are sure to be blown away by the full-cast narration that lends a different voice to almost every character. As an added bonus, Philip Pullman adds his own voice to the narration. Listening to these titles adds a whole new dimension to these wonderfully crafted books.

Chris, Virtual Library
"Imperfect: An Improbable Life" - Jim Abbott

On an overcast September day in 1993, Jim Abbott took the mound at Yankee Stadium and threw one of the most dramatic no-hitters in major-league history. The game was the crowning achievement in an unlikely success story, unseen in the annals of professional sports. In Imperfect, the one-time big league ace retraces his remarkable journey.

Melissa Marin, Marketing Specialist (Library Partner Services)
Eleanor & Park” – Rainbow Rowell
Proving that not all current YA novels involve dragons or dystopian futures, this is a beautifully written and realistic story of a teen love story in 1986. I love Rainbow Rowell’s work and agree with NPR’s review: “Rowell nails the voices of her teen protagonists — her writing swings from profane to profound, but it’s always real and always raw.” Great narrators do justice to the characters and makes this a must listen!

Jessy Catterwaul, Specialist (Content Production Services)
Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking” – Susan Cain

This audiobook helped me understand that it is useful for people like me to embrace the power of solitary concentration, which current American culture doesn’t do a good job of promoting.  I was able to take some of the lessons I learned from Susan and apply them with a group of my introverted friends, which has been a boon to our productivity and happiness.

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