Saturday, June 22, 2013

Club Read #22 - Something Fishy!

Join Delfina the dolphin as she imagines that she becomes other sea animals: a fish, a sea turtle, a pelican, an octopus, a shark, even a manatee! The incredible morphing illustrations will have you laughing as you learn about the real differences between these ocean animals and their respective classes. If a Dolphin were a Fish (eBook)

Octavia and Her Purple Ink Cloud (eBook)

Octavia Octopus and her sea-animal friends love playing camouflage games to practice how they would hide from a "big, hungry creature." Octavia, however, just cannot seem to get her colors right when she tries to shoot her purple ink cloud. What happens when the big, hungry shark shows up looking for his dinner? This creative book introduces basic colors along with the camouflage techniques of various sea animals – a great introduction to marine biology! The "For Creative Minds" section includes fun facts about octopuses and animal camouflage and protection. The craft uses primary colors (paint or tissue paper) to help children learn about blending colors.

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