Friday, May 24, 2013

So You Think You Know Baseball?

Throughout time, authors all over the world have delivered countless memorable quotations bits of prose and rhyme that provide readers with inspiration and chills. Some words may even move you to tears.  But for all the great books I’ve read in my life, no words can cause a stir in my soul quite like these two: Play ball!

That’s right, baseball is is well under way, which means I can look forward to countless summer nights cheering on my beloved San Francisco Giants.  However, I’m no fool.  I know there will be some games that last four hours and are tough to get through.  It’s on those occasions that I’ll pull out one of these fantastic, baseball-related ebooks available in our eMedia Catalog. Here's a few suggested titles and there is something for every age!

More Baseball Trivia by Bob Alley
So you think you know baseball? Test your knowledge with the 21st century edition of The Major League Baseball IQ Test. Be the umpire and make the right call with 21 on-the-field umpiring situations. Challenge your memory of well-known, little-known and forgotten major league players. And just for fun, Diamond Dust--interesting facts, humorous anecdotes and descriptions of historical baseball events, some too hard to believe but all reportedly true.

Baseball and its Greatest Players by Michael Anderson
Perhaps the most iconic representation of Americana, baseball captured the hearts of the American public when it first gained traction around the country in the mid-19th century. The sport continues to enthrall audiences both in the United States and around the world through informal games, regional associations, and at the professional level. This volume introduces readers to the history of a sport that in many ways is inextricably tied to the American ethos and surveys the lives of some of its key professional players.

Bang the Drum Slowly by Mark Harris
Bang the Drum Slowly is the second in a series of four novels written by Mark Harris that chronicles the career of baseball player Henry W. Wiggen. This series is among the finest novels ever written to use baseball as a theme. Published in 1956, the book is a simple, moving testament to the immutable power of friendship. The title page in the novel reads; "by Henry W. Wiggen / Certain of His Enthusiasms Restrained by Mark Harris", the author's personal touch that tells us (the reader) that we are about to enter a genial, conversational first-person story.

Out and About at the Baseball Stadium by Betsy Kemper
Field Trips-Come along on fun field trips to some important and amazing places! Young readers join the group and take the tour, learning fascinating facts along the way.

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