Monday, April 8, 2013

Help Us Buy Books You Want!

With the many exciting new enhancements to our eMedia Catalog this year, including Next Generation digital library platform and OverDrive Read, there’s no better time to try Recommend to Library if you have not done so.

Recommend to Library has been a huge hit users but many newbies still are not aware of this feature. It’s easy to recommend titles the Library does not own. There are tens of thousands of additional titles in the eMedia Catalog under Additional Titles to engage users to discover, sample and recommend titles to the library. Here's how to recommend titles.
  1. Begin with a search within eMedia Catalog
  2. Choose Additional Titles tab to expand results to include titles not currently in our collection. 
  3. When you find titles the Library does not own but you would like to read, select the Recommend option.
  4. You can choose to be notified and/or placed on the waiting list automatically if the Library purchases the titles. 
You are allowed 2 recommended titles a week. Every week our Collection Development Department selects titles from the recommended list to purchase.

So help us make the eMedia Catalog what you want!

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