Saturday, March 30, 2013

National Poetry Month

T.S. Eliot famously wrote that “April is the cruelest month, but I prefer to focus on its good qualities—the promise of warmer weather for those of us recovering from a cold winter, the abundance of candy at every turn and, in the United States and Canada, National Poetry Month.
Our collection is stocked with a variety of poetry eBooks and audiobooks for all ages. For children,
Other Goose by J.otto Seibold takes Mother Goose classics and re-nursuried and re-rhymed them. It's Humpty Dumpty, Little Bo Peep, Jack Be Nimble, Miss Muffet, Little Boy Blue, and more, like you've never seen them before. With characters that recur throughout the book (like the four-and-twenty blackbirds) and an ending that brings everyone back for a show-stopping finale, this book is the most fun dear old Mother Goose has ever had. And who doesn’t love Theodor Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss? The audiobooks of The Cat in the Hat and Other Dr. Seuss Favorites and Green Eggs and Ham and Other Servings of Dr. Seuss are all-star affairs, with celebrity narrators like Kelsey Grammer, Dustin Hoffman and Jason Alexander.

To introduce classic poetry to teens, Duke Classic eBooks offers Edward Lear's The Book of Nonsense the work of John Milton's Paradise Lost and what may be required reading for many students, Homer’s The Iliad. For more contemporary fare, try the  popular young adult author Francesca Lia Block - How to (Un) Cage a Girl.
Kafka On The Shore by Haruki Murakami is the latest novel by Japan’s leading literary novelist, who developed a world-wide cult reputation with Norwegian Wood. In Kafka on the Shore, Murakami continues with his remarkable combination of profound insight into humankind with a totally credible touch of the fantastical – a unique tour de force.The teenager Kafka Tamura goes on the run and holes up in a strange library in a small country town. Concurrently, Nakata, a finder of lost cats, goes on a puzzling odyssey across Japan. Only gradually do we find how these stories interweave.

Former U.S. Poet Laureate Billy Collins’ Billy Collins Live includes a 5-minute live introduction by actor Bill Murray. Often compared to Robert Frost, his poetry has been embraced by people of all ages and backgrounds, and his readings are most often standing room only. Performed by the author at Peter Norton Symphony Space in New York City, Billy Collins reads 24 of his poems, including "Dharma" —a spiritual yet humbling ode to man's best friend, "The Lanyard--an amusing recollection about the popular, if not pointless, summer camp pastime, and "Consolation" --a tongue-in-cheek reflection of a cancelled European trip, and the benefits of staying home instead. In addition to the poetry readings, Collins also spends some time in a brief question and answer session where he reflects on what makes good poetry, his own process of reaching his audiences as a poet, the success of his Poetry 180 programs in schools nationwide, and an amusing sidebar on his memories growing up as an only child. At times pensive and sardonic, amusing and subtly sarcastic, BILLY COLLINS LIVE celebrates both the simple and the complex in a language that appeals to all.

She Walks in Beauty, a collection of poems selected by Caroline Kennedy, bills itself as a woman’s journey through poetry. But the selections span universal narratives such as love, relationships, work, raising children, growing old, death and more. There’s a variety of poetry styles, and voices from men and women alike. The audiobook makes you feel like you’re attending a poetry reading, hearing the narrator’s interpretations of each poem.

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