Friday, March 29, 2013

Freegal Music Selections Continue to Grow

Starting last week Freegal began adding 12,000+ labels with over 4 million songs, which will bring us to 7.5 million songs from over 28,000 labels when the new music is finished being ingested!  The ingestion should take 4-5 months.  As songs are ingested they will just start appearing (without waiting for the entire 4 million to ingest).  In addition to the 4 million new songs we are also adding 8,000 music videos.  The music videos are DRM free files that you can download (and keep), just as with the music.  The only difference is if you chooses to download a video it counts as 2 checkouts instead of 1. This is clearly stated prior to downloading a video.

A new feature will be added soon as well.  You will be able to opt-in to receive an email or text message every Wednesday to remind you to download your free music.  If you have already downloaded your 5 free songs, you will not receive the message.

Remember you can also install the free Freegal app from your mobile device app store.
If you have not yet tried downloading music, why not give it a try today? Visit the Library's Freegal site today.

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