Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Thanks to your suggestions we have made a few minor changes to our eMedia Catalog. Hopefully, the changes will make it easier for you to find and checkout digital books. Changes you will notice:
  • Red line around the Search box to make it easier to see.
  • Changing the green background with white lettering to beige with dark red lettering.
  • Aligning the menu options for easier reading.
  • Streamlined Borrow/Add to Wish List process. A user will only need to click the respective button once to perform the action when not signed in.
  • Consortium sign-in ‘Remember me’ option.
  • Improved functionality to rate a title on a mobile device. 
Enhancements scheduled for Friday, 2.22.2013: 

  • Add headings at the top of collection views to reference what collection a user is viewing 
  • Rearrange and adjust the treatment of the ‘Search’ and ‘Clear’ buttons on the Advanced Search screen (see screenshot below)

  • Enhance contrast for format icons and availability display (see screenshot below)  


  • Truncate the list of creators on the title details page when it exceeds three
  • Suppress ‘All formats’ option in the Advanced Search drop-down menu when only one format is offered

Bug fixes including:
  • Sort by relevancy behavior
  •  Title redirect for Advantage titles when signing in via the hover link
  • Borrow button display when JavaScript is turned off
  • Recommend to Library button display in IE8
  • Disney Online Books now open in a new window upon initial launch
  • Lending period settings in IE8
  • Confirm and Download’ link and ‘Return’ button proximity 
Watch for more about these updates next week.

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