Thursday, January 24, 2013

More Changes to the eMedia Catalog!

We appreciate the feedback you’ve shared with us to continue to improve the user experience in our eMedia Catalog. As a result of your valuable feedback, we set a few changes live today. Here is a summary.

The presentation of format options on the Bookshelf page has been reorganized. All downloadable formats have been consolidated to one button that now reads Download (Select a format).
We also updated the ‘Read (in your browser)’ button to include the OverDrive Read logo which should help differentiate the two options (download for offline use vs. read in the browser).

When a user clicks the Download button, a list of format options are displayed, including Kindle (US only). After the user selects the format, he/she will click ‘Confirm & Download’. Additionally, it no longer requires the user to confirm the format, which removes an unnecessary step. The Return button has been updated to stand out more on the Bookshelf page. The updated button now reads ‘Return Title’.

Users can now click to change their lending period from a title details page when they are logged into their account.

Increased awareness for IE users about the Google Chrome Frame plug-in

For the Google Chrome Frame plug-in for Internet Explorer users, we added a new graphic throughout the site. Additionally, we updated the text on the plug-in prompt page to more clearly explain the need for the plug-in.  

Note: If you are using IE and having problems logging into your eMedia Account install the Chrome Plug-in or use a different browser such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer 10.

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