Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How to download eAudio Books and eBooks to an Android Device

With OverDrive's mobile app, you can download MP3 audiobooks and EPUB eBooks directly to your Android device. Plus, the 'Get Books' feature allows easy access to your library's mobile site.

What you need

How to download to your Android device

  1. Open OverDrive's mobile app on your Android device.
  2. Tap the C:\Users\qlawman\Desktop\Android Screens\2.6 for Help\GetBooksIcon.png icon near the top-right-corner.
    If you don't have this button, go to Menu > Get Books.

    Note: The Menu button typically looks like this C:\Users\qlawman\Desktop\tumblr_ltw89eRWr01qa0pyv (1).jpg, or this C:\Users\qlawman\Desktop\menu-button.jpg.
  3. Tap a library on your list to open the library's mobile site.
    If your list is empty, or you need to add a new library, tap C:\Users\qlawman\Desktop\Android Screens\2.6 for Help\AddLibrary.png or Add a Library.

    Screenshot showing the Get Books screen.
  4. When the mobile site opens, find a title to enjoy.
    • Tap a title
    • Tap more…
    • Try a search

      Note: Your library's mobile site may look a little different than the one used in our examples. Don't panic, the steps are virtually the same.
      Screenshot showing the in-app browser with a sample library website loaded.
  5. When you've found a title, add it to your cart.

    Screenshot showing search results with an Add to cart button highlighted.
  6. Tap Proceed to Checkout.

    Screenshot showing the proceed to checkout screen.
  7. If prompted, sign in with your information.

    Screenshot showing the login screen.
  8. Select the lending period you want, then tap Confirm check out.

    Screenshot showing the confirm check out screen.
  9. Tap Download.
    If it's your first time downloading an eBook, you may need to authorize OverDrive's mobile app using your Adobe ID.

    Screenshot showing the download screen from a digital library website.

    OMC automatically loads the book onto your shelf. While it downloads, you can keep on browsing.

    Screenshot showing a title being loaded. Screenshot showing the bookshelf with the new title loaded.

    Note: Download time depends on the size of the book and your connection speed. For faster downloads, you may want to try a Wi-Fi connection.
  10. Return to your bookshelf by tapping the Menu button, then Bookshelf. From there, tap a title and enjoy.

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