Thursday, January 10, 2013

CES, Limitless Possibilities for Library eBooks

This week, all eyes in the tech world are focused on the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where manufacturers are vying to unveil the Next Big Thing. This year, the most exciting gadgets share a common thread—they’re smart, responsive and connected. From the Hapifork—a data-collecting, web-enabled utensil that vibrates when you eat too quickly—to the Razer Edge gaming device that converts from tablet to game console to PC, the latest gadgets harness the power of the Internet in creative new ways. In the world of eBooks, we’re seeing a similar trend towards responsive design. McGraw-Hill introduced an eBook capable of adapting to a student’s learning patterns; PaperTabs unveiled paper-thin, flexible tablets that join together to create bigger displays, exchange information with a simple tap, and take other UI cues from old-fashioned paper. Read more.. At CES, Limitless Possibilities for Library eBooks

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