Friday, October 12, 2012

Kindle Fire Users Rejoice: Now there's an App!

Now it's easier than ever to get eBooks and eAudio Books on your Kindle fire!

Before you begin, make sure there's a credit card or method of payment associated with your Amazon account.

To get the app, on your Kindle Fire connect to the Internet then follow these steps:
  1.  Click Apps on the home page
  2. Click Store
  3. Enter the search term "overdrive"
  4. Click Search
  5. Select OverDrive for Kindle Fire
  6. Click Free
  7. Click Get App
  8. It will begin downloading and installing the app. when it's done
  9. Click Open
    Now your just about ready to get your books, but you need to set your library the first time
     so you don't have to do it every time.
    To set your library follow these steps:
  1. Click Kindle Fire Menu icon (at the bottom of the Kindle Fire in the middle)
  2. Click Get Books
    Note: you will do steps 1-2 each time you want to get books.
  3. Click Add a Library
  4. Enter your zipcode
  5. Select your library from the list of libraries
  6. Click the Star to turn it yellow (this is so you don't have to repeat these steps every
    time you want to get books.)
Now your ready to get your books!
  1. Click the Library Name
  2. Browse or search for your books 
  3. Add them to your eMedia Bag
  4. Click Checkout
  5. Click Download button
  6. They will download into the app
Bonus: This app will allow you to read ePUB eBooks and listen to MP3 eAudio books. As some of our titles are not available in Kindle format, it opens up a lot more titles for you to enjoy.

If you have previously, side-load the OMC app, you’ll see an “update” prompt the next time you open the app. Otherwise, download the updated app here Amazon App Store for Android

Other key updates:
  • Redesigned audiobook player
  • Support for ActionBar (OMC for Android (Honeycomb and newer)
  • Share what you’re reading on Goodreads (as well as Facebook, Twitter and via email)
Please note, OMC does not collect personally identifiable information, and the app enables users to opt out of sending anonymous usage data.

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