Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Arrr! eBooks, Audiobooks & Videos for Talk Like a Pirate Day

Ahoy mateys! Today,September 19 marks the 10-year anniversary of International Talk like a Pirate Day
To celebrate Talk like a Pirate Day read a pirate book from our eMedia Catalog. Here are a few suggestions:

Do you remember the  The Adventures of Long John Silver television program in the 1950's? Even if you don't, you may want to check out the 14 episodes. This 1950's television program features the continued tales of Robert Louis Stevenson's' literary creation, one-legged pirate Long John Silver. Robert Newton stars as the pirate who will do the right thing if it means he'll still benefit from it financially. After his adventures with Jim Hawkins on Treasure Island, Silver has moved to a small port where he keeps busy with his various schemes while trying to move from pirate to respectable citizen.

Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” theme-park rides and movies inspired a collection of digital books that expand upon the adventures of characters like Jack Sparrow. Check out the selection in our Disney, always available collection.

Crossing genres,The Pirate Coast
Thomas Jefferson, the First Marines, and the Secret Mission of 1805  takes place during the age of Napoleon and Lord Nelson. There was an American sideshow, a "covert op" sanctioned by Thomas Jefferson, to try to help stop the Barbary Pirates of North Africa who were hijacking American ships and selling the passengers into slavery. In this compelling historical narrative, author Richard Zacks follows a fanatical American, William Eaton, on his secret mission to overthrow the government of Tripoli in 1805. For Eaton, a disgraced diplomat on the verge of financial ruin, it was a chance to defy the Barbary Pirates, end humiliating tribute payments and restore national honor. But Jefferson, at the last moment, grew wary of "inter-meddling in a foreign government" and he sent Eaton off without money, troops, supplies, and letters of recommendation or even clear orders. Against insane odds, Eaton recruited a band of European mercenaries in Alexandria and led them along with some Arab cavalry and Bedouin fighters on a march across the Libyan Desert to capture the second largest city of Tripoli, only to be subverted when Jefferson arranged a negotiated peace.

Finally, Talk Like a Pirate Day is a great chance to read about classic fictional pirates like Captain Hook (“Peter Pan“) and Long John Silver (“Treasure Island“). The audiobooks feature fantastic narration that brings these anti-heroes to life. We also offer these titles as eBooks and as always-available eBooks through Project Gutenberg.

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