Monday, June 11, 2012

New App for Windows Phone 7

by Michael Lovett Public Relations and Social Media Specialist at OverDrive.

OverDrive Media Console v2.4.2 for Windows Phone 7 incorporates several enhancements to audiobook navigation controls.  Recently, we rolled out OMC updates for iOS and Android devices, and yesterday we launched OMC v2.4.2 for Windows Phone 7.
We’ve packed a host of new features into the new Windows Phone 7 app.

Highlights include:
  • Background downloads let you download files even when the app isn’t running
  • Support for low-memory devices
  • Tap-and-hold zoom functionality for eBook images
  • Enhanced Wikipedia and dictionary look-up functionality
  • Continuous playback for sequential audiobook parts, even when app isn’t running
  • Skip to next MediaMarker with Universal Volume Control
If you already have OMC installed on your Windows Phone 7, you should receive notification that the update is available. To download the OMC v2.4.2 for Windows Phone 7, go to the Windows Marketplace.

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