Thursday, May 10, 2012

Clean Up Your Act: Books for Organizing

Whether you love or hate it, spring cleaning is here. Now’s the perfect time to clean out the clutter and freshen up the house. Personally, I love it and and can’t wait to get started. But if you’re feeling overwhelmed, know that organizing does not have to be an unsatisfying chore—especially with the help of these titles from our eMedia Catalog.
Three Steps to Letting Go of Stuff, Organizing Your Space, & Creating the Home of Your Dreams
Your prescription for the organized and beautiful home you desire: That old doll collection; Twenty years of pay stub; All the trophies your child ever won. It's difficult to love your home when every inch is packed with possessions. The Clutter Cure gives you the power to toss the things that are holding you back from living a full life and finally having a beautiful home—one that's more than a giant container for your stuff.

Get Organized the Clear and Simple WayReclaim Your Home, Your Office, Your Life

Now you can get inspired and bring this seasoned expert's skills into your home and office for less than the cost of a consultation! Restore freedom, order and clarity to your home, your office and your life. Are you overwhelmed at the mere thought of getting organized? Help is here! Follow the unique Clear & SIMPLE Systems which will transform your experience of getting organized from stressful and overwhelming to fun and simple.

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