Thursday, December 15, 2011

Student Motivation

More and more teachers are reporting that motivating their students to learn is one of their most difficult challenges. While some students seem self-motivated to learn, others show very little interest in learning, gaining new skills, or improving their abilities. Far too many students do not develop their academic abilities or talents because they lack the desire to do so. By the time a student has reached adolescence, poor motivation has become one of the chief contributors to underachievement.

Improving students’ motivation is generally viewed as important because it is related to high achievement. However, it is also an important educational outcome itself. We want our students to achieve, but we want them to also value the process of learning and to develop a long-term commitment to learning.

Use this guide to Improving student motivation : a guide for teachers and school improvement teams / written for SERVE by Judith Meece and Wendy McColskey.

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