Wednesday, June 22, 2011

eReaders for Kids

Wondering how to get your kids to read more? Try giving them an eReader. Kids report they read more using an eReader. Kids, are not sure why they read more. It may have something to do with the Internet device being cool. The Nook Color or an tablet such as iPad, is great for younger children just getting started with picture books as they get the same color experience as they would with the print version of the book. For older children into "chapter books", an e-ink reader such as a Sony or Nook . The eInk technology provides a great reading experience.

You are not locked in purchasing books either. The Virtual Library's eMedia Catalog provides a great selection of ebooks for all ages. Want to get started with downloading? This summer the Virtual Library will be hosting a workshop on eBook Downloading 101 for anyone who wants to learn how to download eBooks from the Library for free.

The Virtual Library would like know how you feel about allowing kids to use eReaders. Please take the poll and let us know.

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