Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Updated Apps for Android Devices & iPad/iPhones

OverDrive has released updates for the Android and iPhone/iPad apps, which include many enhancements that users have requested. When you install the updated apps on your device, here’s what you will see:
OverDrive Media Console for Android (v2.2)

  • Sepia display option for eBooks
  • Screen-dimming override for eBooks
  • Faster EPUB performance
  • Sleep timer for audiobooks
OverDrive Media Console for iPhone/iPad (v2.2.1)
  • Orientation lock for eBooks
  • Night mode and sepia display option for eBooks
  • Screen lock override for eBooks
  • Improved range of font size settings
  • In-app library “Website Finder”
The in-app library “Website Finder” for iPhone/iPad is another step toward bringing the entire download experience into the app. You can now save a library’s digital collection website—before you download a title—simply by clicking on the “star” icon next to the collection’s name. This makes it even easier to return to a library’s website the next time you want to borrow an EPUB eBook or MP3 audiobook from the library. The Android and BlackBerry apps already had this functionality and the upcoming Windows Phone 7 app will, too.

The system requirements for the Android and iPhone/iPad apps are still the same. The free apps can be installed on phones and devices running the Android OS v1.5 (or newer) or iOS v4.0 (or newer). If you already have the apps installed on a device, you’ll receive an update notification. If you’re new to library eBook and audiobook apps, you can find the OverDrive apps in the Android Market, the iTunes App Store, or OverDrive’s software page.

The Library's eMedia Catalog has ePUB and MP3 formated books available for free with your library card.

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