Sunday, January 9, 2011

Support Your Library - Try LibraryBIN!

This year, we want to help library customers get the ebook or eAudio titles they want for their new devices. We have been 'stocking' up our eMedia Catalog with new eBooks and eAudio books but they are flying off the virtual shelves!

If you don't want to wait for a title to be returned try the newest digital bookstore from OverDrive. It's like an online library gift shop, offering our patrons the chance to buy popular and best-selling eBooks and audiobooks, with most of the LibraryBIN profits going back to LVCCLD.

Each time an eBook or audiobook is purchased, the customer has the option of supporting LVCCLD library’s fund so we can buy more eBooks and audiobooks for our eMedia Catalog.

It's easy! To avoid long waiting lists on popular titles,

  1. Select the LibraryBIN icon in the eMedia Catalog or look for the link -

  2. At LibraryBIN, find books you want to buy.

  3. Add them to your shopping cart.

  4. During checkout, you will be asked to confirm the library that will receive funds from the purchase. Please specify Las Vegas-Clark County Library District (NV).

As a Thank You you can get 35% off your first purchase by using the code: FIRSTBIN

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