Monday, October 18, 2010

eTeen Read Week!

It is Teen Read Week!

Who ever said that teens don't read? For the past year? More? Manga and graphic novels have TOPPED the teen category in What Las Vegas is Reading - so much so that we had to give manga and graphic novels their own list - or there wouldn't have ever been anything EXCEPT manga and graphic novels on the Teen Lists!

How does the topic of manga relate at all to eMedia? Somehow, manga as an eAudio just doesn't seem to work.

How about eBooks though? Manga works GREAT as an eBook. And, in fact, we have a lot of eBook Manga in the eMedia Catalog! Here's how to find it:

On the eMedia page, click Advanced Search (upper right corner). Leave everything blank, and in the Subject box, select "Comics and Graphic Books". Click "Search", and you'll get the most recent list!

Here are some great examples of some of the Manga we have:

Faeries' Landing, Volume 8
By Hyun, You
Kitty Kitty Bang Bang!

After Yeongyeong has a run-in with Yuri and Bast, Fanta makes a shocking sacrifice to protect their little "good luck charm." But is it enough to foil that finicky feline Bast? The key may lie with Medea, who breaks free of Bast's mind control...but will she come to Fanta's aid? Finally, in a rocky reunion that will leave you reeling, Yuri confronts Ryang about their past. Hold on tight--this volume of Faeries' Landing is going to be a bumpy ride!

Kat & Mouse, Volume 1
by Alex di Campi
When Kat's dad gets a job as a science teacher at a posh private school, things seem perfect—that is, until Kat's rich, popular classmates shove her to the bottom of the social heap just for being smart. And bad turns to worse when an anonymous student blackmails Kat's dad to give the class better grades! Can Kat and her new friend, the rebellious computer nerd Mouse, find the real culprits before Kat's dad loses his job?

Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet
By William Shakespeare, Adam Sexton and Yali Lin
Feuding families--the Montagues and Capulets. Star-crossed lovers--Romeo and Juliet. A street brawl and a masquerade ball. Comedy and tragedy. Murder and revenge. True romance. A secret marriage. A double suicide. (who knew Shakespeare could be so cool?)

Van Von Hunter
by Ron Kaulfersch and Mike Schwark
The forces of evil have returned to the Kingdom of Dikay! All hope is lost! There will be strife and clamorous discord! The people need a hero! Is there no one around who can vanquish the malevolent tyranny?!

Uhm... Anyone... Anyone?

Enter the legendary Van Von Hunter, the Hunter of Evil...Stuff! Together with his loyal, memory-challenged sidekick, he faces off against the deposed, former ruler of Dikay, who has come back to reclaim his throne!

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