Friday, July 30, 2010

Great eMedia at your library!

Did you know your library has great downloadable eBooks, eAudioBooks and movies? You can see them all in the eMedia Catalog!

Today's great title is Reborn by Nea Anna Simone.
Five years have passed since Mignon Samuels first discovered the priceless journal that chronicled the lives of the strong women who came before her. Now she's ready to add her own history to that of the four previous generations documented inside.

Mignon's journey takes her back to several moments in time, including the early days of her grandparents' marriage and the troubles they faced--troubles that in some ways mirror her own. Her mother, uncle Eddie and aunts Odele and Sofia each had their own mountain to climb: womanizing, drug addiction, even murder. They have sought the healing power of God, but it will take years, perhaps decades, for those who survive to really see the light.

As she delves deeper into her family's sometimes murky past, Mignon unearths a secret that turns everything she's taken for granted upside down. But the revelation will also give her the courage and faith to change her life.
Download this great Mobipocket eBook, from your library today!

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