Thursday, July 29, 2010

Great eMedia at your library!

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Today's great title is A Handbook to Luck by Cristina Garcia, read by Staci Snell.
Late 1960s. We meet three children:
  • Enrique Florit, from Cuba, living in southern California with his flamboyant magician father
  • Marta Claros, getting by in the slums of San Salvador, forced to leave school to help support her family, her beloved older brother having already left home
  • Leila Rezvani, a well-to-do surgeon's daughter in Tehran, her mother concerned only with appearances, her father an often foolishly vocal opponent of the Shah.
As we follow them across the next twenty years—the narrative moving among their lives We see Enrique, a math whiz from a young age, sacrificing his dream of attending MIT to filial duty, and the dream of passionate love to the exigencies of reality.

We see Marta, fleeing war in El Salvador, making her way illegally into the United States and finding wholly unexpected possibilities.

We see Leila, allowing the expectations of her mother to pull her into an arranged marriage and the constricted life of women in postrevolutionary Iran.

We see chance draw Leila and Marta into Enrique's life - Leila and Enrique loving and losing each other, Marta the means to renewed hope for Enrique - and, throughout, "good luck or bad tilting life one way or another" for all of them.
Download this great eAudio book, from your library today!

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