Friday, July 16, 2010

Great eMedia at your library! Princess Lessons

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Today's great title is Princess Lessons by Meg Cabot.

Princess Mia from "The Princess Diaries" offers advice on inner and outer beauty, character development, etiquette, and dating.

Beauty: Paolo of Chez Paolo on the proper royal coiffure, manicure, cosmetic application, and skin care

Etiquette: Dowager Princess Clarisse Renaldo on dining, comportment, being the perfect hostess, and the proper address of nobility

Fashion: Acclaimed couture designer Sebastiano Grimaldi and Dowager Princess Clarisse Renaldo reveal the essential wardrobe of a princess

Character: Princess Mia and her friends explore how to flourish royally in today's complex societal hierarchies

Education: Princess Mia's royal advisers reflect on the various aspects of high school--both in the classroom and out of it

The Mysterious World of Guys: Tina Hakim Baba dishes about dating, kissing, love, and the hazards of stalking (and being stalked by) a princess.

Also: an exclusive interview with royal consort Michael Moscovitz

Conclusion: Princess Mia's final thoughts.

Download and read this great eBook, from your library today!

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