Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Great eMedia at your library!

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Today's great title is Hancock: The Missing Page.
Here are four original television soundtracks from the BBC's Hancock series. Once again Tony Hancock stars as the loveable curmudgeon, in four instalments: The Missing Page, Poison Pen Letters, Lord Byron Lived Here, and The Succession - Son and Heir.

You want a misunderstood, self-proclaimed genius whose lofty ambitions in life are thwarted either by a boorish sidekick or, more often than not, his own painful shortcomings? A man trapped by circumstance? A, let's face it, pompous prig? Tony Hancock is the archetype.

Tony Hancock starred as an exaggerated version of himself: Anthony Aloysius St John Hancock, a down-at-heel comedian waiting for the big time to hit while he struggled to make ends meet in the inglorious setting of 23 Railway Cuttings, East Cheam.

Sid James played his roguish friend, Sid, who'd normally put one over on Hancock before the 30 minutes was up, while Bill Kerr was the hard-of-thinking Australian lodger.

Hancock was quick to prove he had a wonderfully expressive face to accompany that constantly exasperated voice and established himself for all time as sitcom's quintessential loser, constantly moaning: "Stone me, what a life!"
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