Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Great eMedia at your library! Road Trip Rescue

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Today's great title is The Tripp Diaries.

The complete In-car entertainment package for 8 to 88 year-olds! A two hour audio extravaganza, written and performed by Stig Wemyss and friends. Everything you need when you’re stuck in a car with your family!

Nick Tripp reluctantly begins yet another car trip across Australia with his family, which quickly develops into something far more.
The Tripps vs. The Traffic
It begins innocently enough as a family holiday but quickly develops into something far more as Nick’s father takes a small detour to chase suspected koala kidnappers.

The story is interspersed with not to be missed Tripp tips on how to survive touring holidays.
Plan: Rescue Dad!
After solving the mystery of the koala-nappers, Nick Tripp and his family are back on the road and facing their next challenge - the Nullabor Plain.

Between each exciting chapter of the story, Stig and his friends present a madcap in-car variety show, the perfect travelling entertainment for kids and adults alike.
Download and listen to these great eAudioBooks, at your library today!

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