Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Great eMedia at your library! Just for Kids!

Did you know your library has great downloadable eBooks, eAudioBooks and movies? You can see them all in the eMedia Catalog!

Today's great title is Jamal's Busy Day.
Let Jamal take you with him through his busy day. Like Mommy and Daddy, Jamal has a job, too - school! Is Jamal's day like yours?

At school, Jamal does research, attends meetings, and settles disagreements between co-workers, just like his parents do at their jobs. Accompanying illustrations show Jamal in the library, watching an assembly, and solving a dispute between classmates.

At home, Jamal unwinds with his parents.

This spirited book is sure to please the young reader.
Download read this great eBook with your kids, at your library today!

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