Friday, September 18, 2009

Esperanza Rising - Effects of relaxing

Having successfully crocheted the small blue and white square, without having it turn out to be the size of a postage stamp and dense enough to use as a paperweight, I decided to try the bigger multi-colored piece again.

Oddly enough, relaxing and using almost no tension on the string really works!

Can you see both pieces? (The first one is on top of this second one.) They have the same number of stitches!

Here they are next to each other:

What a difference! Let's see how much of this crochet cotton I can use up.


Ayanna Yang said...

I know the post is kind of old, but I have a question.
In the book, it's never mentioned what kind of stitch is used. Your photos aren't big enough so I can't really tell for myself.
What stitch did you use (dc, sc, hdc, etc)?

Susan said...

Hi Ayanna,

Good question! Unfortunately, I've long since deleted my notes on the project. I DO still have both crocheted pieces - the yarn doll sits on them at my desk.

I'm pretty sure it's Single Crochet. If you'd like, I can take some closer pictures... Just send an email to, and I'll send some pics back, if you really want them!