Friday, September 4, 2009

Esperanza Rising - Crochet, take 2

I'm just not one to give up that easily, no matter now wonky my crocheting looks.

I decided that the problem HAD to be with the crochet cotton. I'm a really good knitter, so my crocheting couldn't be that bad. That's it. It was the cotton's fault. I wanted to make a nice, brightly colored washcloth, using Esperanza's Mountains and Valleys pattern. I didn't want to make a whole blanket, as Esperanza did. I just wanted to try out the pattern, and a washcloth just sounds like the right size.

So I headed to the craft store to pick out some nice fiber. Wow! Quite a selection of kitchen cotton! And, on sale, too!

This is what I picked out. I love the colors. It's going to be so cheerful!

This time, instead of chaining 50 and ending up with an an extra half mountain, I'm going to chain 60. That way I'll have three complete mountains (and only two valleys!) We'll see how it goes.

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