Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Esperanza Rising - Crochet Failure

At the very beginning of Esperanza Rising, Abuelita shows Esperanza how to crochet a zigzag blanket, while they're waiting to hear why Sixto Ortega was so late getting back from his fields.

The instructions sounded simple:
Ten stitches to the top of the mountain. Add one stitch. Nine stitches to the bottom of the valley. Skip one.
I'm not much of a crocheter, but how hard can this be? I grabbed some crochet cotton and a hook and cast on fifty stitches, and started following the pattern.

Apparently I am completely unable to count to nine. Or ten. I thought about trying to tell you that it was just the way I photographed it. Nope. It's that wonky, uneven and just plain bad. It made me think of Esperanza's first attempt:
The tops of her mountains were lopsided and the bottoms of her valleys were all bunched up. Abuelita smiled reached over, and pulled the yarn, unraveling all of Esperanza's rows.
I decided to take Abuelita's advice:
Do not be afraid to start over.



We'll try again another day.

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