Thursday, August 6, 2009

Random Thursday - Beach Reads

It's August. It's hot and muggy. (Muggy? In Las Vegas? OK, so we define "muggy" different here. 20% humidity is just wretchedly uncomfortable.)

We're hurtling through August, and your chances to escape the heat before school starts are fast disappearing. You still have a couple of weekends left, so you can still make a Dash to the Beach, for one last chance to bask by the ocean!

But, what will you take to read?

NPR did a great segment on Beach Reads. What makes a great Beach Read? What are the 200 finalists for the best beach reads? And, the Top 100 Beach Reads of All Time!!

Do you agree with what they think makes a great beach read? How would YOU define the perfect beach read? What is your favorite beach read, and did it make the Top 100 list?

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