Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday Trivia

Richard Lederer, in Literary Trivia, wonders if you can figure out which "deathbed moments" belonged to which author? (This one's tough, so the list of authors is below!)

Calling for champagne, this dying author said "I'm dying as I have lived, beyond my means."

This author said "I've had eighteen straight whiskeys. I think this is a record." Then the author died.

This poet said "God will pardon me; it's his profession."

This dying author was asked if his conscience was clear. The author replied "No, it is not."

A friend asked this dying author if he had made peace with God. The author replied "I wasn't aware we had ever quarreled."

This dying author asked "What is the answer?" When the author's friend couldn't answer from grief, the author asked "In that case, what is the question?"

When friends tried to extract some "famous last words" from this dying author, the author's only response was "Can't you see I'm busy dying?"

Oliver Goldsmith
Heinrich Heine
Gertrude Stein
Dylan Thomas
Henry David Thoreau
H. G. Wells
Oscar Wilde

Here are the answers to last week's trivia questions:
(Also from Richard Lederer's Literary Trivia)

What Animal-Titled book did each of these authors write?

Edgar Rice Burroughs : Tarzan of the Apes
T. S. Eliot : either Cats, or Old Possum's book of practical cats
C. S. Lewis
: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Dodie Smith : 101 Dalmatians
Tennessee Williams
: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

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