Thursday, July 30, 2009

Random Thursday - Pizza Competition

NPR is hosting the Great Homemade Pizza Competion. You send them your very favorite homemade pizza recipe, they'll test-drive it in August, and announce the winners.

What does this have to do with libraries and books?

OK, realistically, how many of you have actually made a homemade pizza from scratch? I'm not talking about those amazing "2 Pizzas in a box" from Appian Way that I made as a kid. I'm talking about actually hauling out the yeast, and grating your own cheese.

Where on earth will you get the Killer Recipe that will get you Fame and Fortune on NPR? Why, the cookbooks at your library!

Check out this amazing list of pizza recipe books, and start pre-heating your grills or your ovens! (Blessedly, a lot of these recipes are for making pizza right on your grill!)You can be the next Public Radio Uber Pizza Chef

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