Friday, July 17, 2009

Dandelion Wine: Time Machines

Bradbury really emphasizes the concept of Time Machines through the book.

The Time Machine Bradbury calls a time machine is Colonel Freeleigh. The old man takes Douglas on his friends through many trips through time. After the Colonel dies, Douglas says
"Yesterday Ching Ling Soo died. Yesterday the Civil war ended right here in this town forever..."
and his brother Tom said
"Better get home and put that all down (on your nickel pad) before you forget it. It ain't every day you got half the population of the world keeling over on you."
Douglas also sees the wine he and his grandfather are bottling as a type of time machine:
Douglas raised the bottle of warm dandelion wine but did not set it on the shelf. He saw other numbered bottles waiting there.... There's the day I found I was alive.... There's the day John Huff fell off the edge of the world, gone....
The bottles of wine were a way to revisit each day of summer.

Douglas' nickel pad was a sort of time machine.

What acts as your time machine? Photo albums? Diaries? Videos?

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