Monday, July 27, 2009

Dandelion Wine: The Sequel

Almost 50 years after the original book, Bradbury wrote the sequel: Farewell Summer.

It's the September after the summer of Dandelion Wine. The boys run afoul of the old men in Green Town, and declare war. The old men are just as disgruntled with the boys, and simultaneously strike back, and the battles commence.

This isn't as tight and engaging as the original book, but it's worth reading. Douglas gets his first kiss, and suddenly realizes that the entire town is over-run with girls. (When do boys start noticing girls, except as potential cootie-carriers?)

And, both Douglas and Mr. Quartermain suddenly recognize each other's humanity, and the war ends.

This is definitely interesting, because in Dandelion Wine, we're seeing Bradbury's memory of his childhood. In Farewell Summer, we're obviously seeing Bradbury's current experience with being in an older, and failing, body.

From a woman's point of view, the book was one chapter too long. (From a woman's point of view, men can be very odd.) Farewell Summer is definitely a book for and about boys and men.

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