Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dandelion Wine: The Ravine

How many of you had something comparable to The Ravine, when you were growing up?

There was actually a ravine at my aunt's house, complete with a boogie man who "killed people who went in there."

Down the street from my home there was an old Haunted House, up on a hill, complete with the long sidewalk, the drooping elms, and the partially nailed up windows.

Oddly, when they tore the Haunted House down, the lot size shrank to the same size lot we all had in the suburbs. The hill disappeared, and there's a very small credit union located there now.

How many of our childhood Boogie Men were larger than life? And how many fade in the light of age and experience?

In the 1974 introduction to Dandelion Wine, Bradbury said about the ravine:
I took my daughters there a few years back, fearful that the ravine might have gone shallow with time. I am relieved and happy to report that the ravine is deeper, darker and more mysterious than ever. I would not, even now, go home through there after seeing The Phantom of the Opera.
What were the "scary places" in your childhood? Are they still scary?

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