Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dandelion Wine: List of Summer Events

After Tom lists (in amazing detail) the number of baseball games he's played in ten years, and the number of apples he's eaten, and the number of lollipops and ice cream cones, and the number of berries he's picked that day, Douglas gets the idea of recording his summer. He gets a "yellow nickel tablet" and a "yellow Ticonderoga pencil", and set out to list the important events of his life.

His topic headings were:
  • Rites and Ceremonies

  • Discoveries and Revelations
Rites and Ceremonies were the "normal" things they did every year, like making Dandelion Wine, or getting the new pair of sneakers, or the first root beer pop of the summer.

Discoveries and Revelations are those things which may be common, but which you notice or realize for the first time - like parents and kids belonging to totally separate races, or that old people were never young.

The entire book consists of events Douglas enters faithfully onto his pad.

Thinking back on your own life, what items would you have placed in these columns? Could you keep your nickle pad today, and continue to record entries?

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