Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dandelion Wine - Introduction

When I remember reading Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury, there are certain episodes in the book I remember, and some I totally space.

I've started reading, and had totally forgotten that one of the first segments is where the boy realizes he's alive. Zip - gone from my memory. I remember the boy "waking" the city at dawn of the first day of his summer, and I really remember the Sneakers segment.

When you're reading this book, don't be afraid to skim parts that don't "grab" you. I'm sure the "I'm Alive!" segment was something that just grabbed Bradbury, while leaving me pretty cold.

I think we all have events that are important to us as we're growing up, that bore others to tears. Do you remember when your parents stopped speaking some totally alien (and boring) adult language, and suddenly you started listening to their conversations with other adults, and you actually understood what they said? That was an important summer for me, but dull as ditchwater to anyone else.

So, start reading! It's been many years since I read Dandelion Wine, so I'll be reading along with you. Use the comment button (below) to tell me which parts bored you to tears, and which grabbed you, and what memories they inspired.

And be sure to stop by the shoe store to pick up your pair of Cream-Sponge Para Lightfoot Sneakers. You know last year's pair is dead in the closet. You'll need the "marshmallows and coiled springs in the sole" and the uppers woven from "grasses bleached and fired in the wilderness", and the "thin hard sinews of the buck deer" buried in the "soft loam of the shoes" to leap through this summer!

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