Friday, July 10, 2009

Dandelion Wine: Happiness Machine

When Leo Auffmann created his Happiness Machine, he put in the experience of amazing places and sensations. The ultimate result of this was sadness, as the users of his machine realized that the actual experiences were beyond their reach.

One of the early entries on Douglas' list of Rites and Ceremonies is the Ritual of the Front Porch Swing. On the third day of summer, Douglas and his grandfather would the swing out of the garage and clean and hang it on the porch. There followed the nightly ritual of "sitting on the front porch in the summer evening."
Douglas sprawled back on the dry porch planks, completely contented and reassured by these voices, which would speak through eternity, flow in a stream of murmurings over his body, over his closed eyelids, into his drowsy ears, for all time.... Sitting on the summer-night porch was so good, so easy and so reassuring that it could never be done away with.
Douglas' Rites and Ceremonies made up his "happiness machine."

If you had a happiness machine, what would it contain?

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