Wednesday, June 24, 2009

To Play the Fool - Juggling

In a couple of places in the book, Brother Erasmus gives his "sermons" while juggling.

Juggling has had a huge resurgence in popularity. (You can see You Tubes of Extreme Juggling and Contact Juggling, below)

Street performers have often used juggling to draw in the audience, then proceed with the rest of their performance.

What is it about juggling that fascinates us? Do you know anyone who doesn't enjoy watching juggling? It's pretty much a guaranteed audience magnet.

If you're interested in learning juggling, here are some links and books. And, it's not too late to attend the International Juggling Association 2009 conference! (Watch the video on that page - it's pretty amazing!)

Learn to Juggle Three Balls from the Internet Juggling Database

Contact Juggling

Juggling Timeline



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