Friday, June 19, 2009

To Play the Fool - Disability and family stress

Throughout the book, we see Kate tip-toeing around the issues relating to Lee's rehabilitation. Lee is still mostly paralyzed, but she's sensitive and angry about it. She resents Kate and Jon's attempts to "help" her. (This will be a much larger issue in a later book in the series.)

Disability and Rehabilitation don't just affect the disabled person. The entire family and household is affected by the situation.

In this book, Kate and Lee hired Jon as a live-in caregiver. He does the cooking and housekeeping while Kate is at work, and Lee is too physically challenged to handle the normal tasks. All three of them benefit, as it gives Kate a break from caregiving, it gives Lee a break from Kate, and Jon gets paid, and also gets friendship and companionship. Kate and Lee make sure Jon has plenty of time off.

Regardless, their home situation adds a lot of stress, to Kate's already stressful return to work. She was outed so publicly, and then had both her Outing and Lee's accident crushed on top of her again, with the Morningstar case that went to bad. (No, we never get more details about that case. Just assume it's bad.)

Is Kate's high-stress job, and Lee's disability a recipe for disaster? How would you hold up in this situation?

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