Friday, June 5, 2009

To Play the Fool - Characters

Here are the major and minor characters who people To Play the Fool:

Kate Martinelli: SFPD police inspector
Lee Cooper: Kate's life partner, therapist working with AIDS patients
Alonzo (Al) Hawkin: Kate's work partner
Jani: Al's girlfriend
Jules: Jani's daughter
Jon Sampson: Live-in help for Kate and Lee
Rev. Rosalyn Hall: acquaintance of Lee Cooper
Dean Philip Gardner: Dean of one of the theological schools at UC Berkely
Dr. Eve Whitlaw: British professor specializing in cult behaviour
Dr. David Sawyer: Professor in Chicago specializing in Holy Fools
Jonathan Sawyer: David Sawyer's son
Charlotte Sawyer: David Sawyer's wife
Kyle Roberts: Disgruntled murderer / suicide in Chicago
Sam Rutledge & Dobie: Witness to the cremation, and her pet dachshund
Krishna & Leila: Owners of the Sentient Bean
Alexander Darcy: Wealthy, eccentric wanderer
Thomas Darcy: Alexander's brother

Brother Erasmus: an older homeless man who frequents Golden Gate Park
Harry Radovich: a homeless man
Theophilus: a dog which belonged to John
Scotty: a homeless man
Hat: a homeless man
Sondra, Ellis, Wilhemena and Doc: more of the homeless denizens of the park
Tomás & Esmerelda: newlywed homeless couple
John: a homeless man, unpleasant, possibly a blackmailer
Luis Ortiz: a homeless man
Salvatore Benito: a homeless man
Beatrice Jankowski: a homeless woman with artistic talent - former professor
Richard (Mouse) Delgadio: a homeless man, previously a military corpsman
Molly: elderly homeless woman, previously a secretary
Star: 17 year old homeless woman with a child. Thrown out of her parents' home.
Tom: Ex military. Homeless.

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